Sonoma Court Reporters can coordinate any ancillary service for your
deposition, arbitration, hearing, or meeting needs.

  • Court Reporting

Certified Court Reporters with knowledge and expertise in the latest reporting technology including Interactive Realtime®, iCVNet®, and Real Legal®. With every assignment, we endeavor to match each client with a professional court reporter that has experience in topics related to their specific case.

  • Videography & Video Post-Production

Dedicated Certified Legal Videographers and Post-Production Specialists provide a certified video record of your day's proceedings and can synchronize the video to the transcript for presentation at trial. We can also provide you with videographers for your trial including day in the life documentary. Schedule a videographer for your next MCLE, meeting or event.

  • Conference Rooms

Whether for a deposition, client meeting, or perhaps you're in need of a satellite location for your out-of-town counsel, we offer four spacious conference rooms. We will be honored to host your client business meetings or perhaps your firm or legal organization meetings. Sonoma Court Reporters takes pride in supporting our local legal community organizations and will be happy to host your next MCLE or Board of Directors meeting in our office.

  • Video Conferencing

We proudly offer in-house videoconferencing services. Plan your next out-of-town deposition in the comfort of our office instead of traveling. We provide you the ability to meet your out-of-area needs without the expense or inconvenience of travel.

  • Online Repository & Calendar Management

We provide around-the-clock access to your depositions and exhibits from any computer or Wi-Fi device. Our secured servers conveniently store your transcripts and exhibits. From your computer or the convenience of your smart device, access your transcripts or exhibits on the go or away from your office. You may also easily schedule and manage your case calendar on our online portal as well as view, edit and add a deposition or hearing. One of our representatives will provide you with a confirmation of scheduling.

  • Transcribing Services

Whether it's business, medical or legal transcription you need, we offer a certified transcript of your audio recording. You can also readily access these transcripts from our online repository. All of our transcripts include access to our online portal for future settings and transcript management.

Sonoma Court Reporters will take care of all your deposition needs down the street or across the world.